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A Secret from Orlando, from Empower Network

In the previous post I wrote about the Messages of Empower Network Event From Orlando. In this post I want to share a secret from the event. The secret contains how you are grew your team, and make your income bigger.

What can I do for bigger income?

If you think about income, you have to know the path of money and, in fact the path of income. Income is, as money is, the end of the path, so you have to go back consistently. Step back one by one, and see the basics and elements.

What have to do for bigger income?

You have to realize the source of every business is the traffic. The traffic get leads, and leads become sales. The key is the lead: the number and quality of leads. It’s no magic thing, ti’s no mysteries. It’s only numbers, and statistics. How much leads can you make, what is the quality? This is the secret.

Here is a simple deal: if you generate  30 leads a day, your income will grow. This is simple.

How do you generate 30 leads a day?

Read, listen to, watch the training audios, and videos. Blog and post every day for 90 days with Viral Blogging System. Costa Rica Intensive with 11 lessons,  and $15K Formula with 24 lessons teach and defines step by step how start and go on. Here  you can start your income growing.


Messages of Empower Network Event From Orlando

Big Idea MasterMind TODAY!

big idea mastermind

I’m just on the way to Europe from Orlando. I was on the regional weekend event of Empower Network. The 3 days was very impressive, and there were a lot of big shoots. The messages of event are simple:

 Have clear vision, and you have to know what you want exactly

You have to be a clear vision. You have to know what you want exactly. Which is the way what you want, which is you wish. Sometime this vision is missing, and we want only be reach, or be free, or travel, or fire the boss. But unfortunately it’s not enough. You have to know the measures, the goals. Where is the arrival.

You have to know your “WHY”

What is your “why”? What is the “why”? The why is motivate you, push when you are tired, and lasy. This is WHY you make what you make. This is a channel which cover you and your intention. This is bring you out from your comfort zone.

 Come out from your comfort zone

Do things to reach your goals are outside of comfort zone. Comfort zone is something like than a break which pull back from your goals and dreams. You have to be conscious, and you can not let to pull back yourself.

Big Idea MasterMind TODAY!


The fuel of your dream is the passion. This is obviously needed for the “every days”. You have to find the passion in yourside. But when you find it, it is like a skyrocket. Take off you, and it is unstoppable.

Take action

Take action! This is the most important movement! Don’t make problem about you are the best, or not, or you can do perfect things or not. Take it easy! Take action! Only start to  make the steps.

You have the power

The passion and the “Take action” brings the power and energy for you. Every big shoots say that after she/he start to take action arrive the passion, and the power. Every minutes, and every seconds.

 Doesn’t matter who you are, and where are you from

With Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind everybody is equal. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, and you have not experience. To follow the steps, which teach step by step how you start to make money online is followable. No fluff, and magical things. Only to follow and to focus.

Big Idea MasterMind TODAY!

What is Internet? Internet benefits

Big Idea MasterMind TODAY!

big idea mastermindThe Internet is part of our life, and in fact we can not live without it. But where from came the Internet? What is Internet, and what is the history of Internet?

The short story:  the 1960s the United States government built a robust, fault-tolerant communication networks for computer communication. It was as non-public network, only for government. In the mid-1980s changed the plan and the usage, and it became as public network, for people, for commercial uses. The big jump of number of users was in the 1990s, and in 2000’s. And came a lot of type of new using purpose: email, web, make phone calls through Internet, manage bank account, play games, and make money online.

 What is Internet, and Internet benefits

With Internet you can reach a lot of people, and applications on computers and smart phones. It’s amazing, how this technology growing, and help our life. To be in connect with anyone, and there is no distance. Doesn’t matter if the 2 people in a same city, or different country, or other continent. You only need a device and a active Internet connection.

Big Idea MasterMind TODAY!

What is Internet, and business

As the Internet became as a publish service, the business area start to use immediately. Use for being connect with customers, and make and receive orders, etc. In the early times it was only to support and marketing the regular businesses. And in some time the situation changed, and started to build a new business model, called online business, and make money on the Internet.

Make money on the Internet

What is Internet, and how you can make money online with this new business model? It’s simple, and don’t complicated it. There are  automated marketing systems, which work if you learn, sleep, and you are on the beach. You can set up and control from everywhere, anytime. These systems work in every minutes of days, and weeks, and years. No holiday, no excuses. Only work, and make money for you.

The automated system work if you haven’t products or services, what you can suggest. You can make money without these. In this case you make affiliate marketing. It means you suggest other producers’ products or service, and these producers pay commission  for you. The commission could be 100% in special cases. Do you interest a business, where the commission is 100%?

What is Internet with 100% commission?

This is very simple, and works well the  100% commission. No need to sell – the automated marketing system does that. You only set up, and manage the system, and receive the commission. This model is transparent, and no needed be an Internet expert. The model shows and teaches for you step-by-step what you make through online video and audio trainings. You can learn and watch the videos where and when you want. You need only a computer and an active internet connection.

Do you interested in 100% commission and make money online?

Here a link where you can see and join.

Big Idea MasterMind TODAY!

On The Stage on the Empower Network Event in Orlando, Florida

The Making Money Online Formula is simple. Don’t make it complicated! Only follow the steps, one after one.

Big Idea MasterMind TODAY!

Empower Network Big Event in Orlando, Florida – Amazing Harmony Between Nature And Events

Big Idea MasterMind TODAY!

Big Idea MasterMind TODAY!

Big EN event in Orlando!

In some minutes and there is starting the Big Event in Orlando, Florida. There will be on the stage for 3 days some really Big Shoots. I’m already in Florida, and I’m extremely exciting about the evening! :)

In the next hours and days we will post the important points!

big idea mastermind

ENV2 – new TOP-SEO blogging platform

Big Idea Mastermind - Empower Network ENV2

Big Idea Mastermind – Empower Network ENV2

If you are a blogger, or you only use a blogging system for host a website, you already know that it is widely important what is the blog system. Usually it is user friendly, very easy to handle and manage it. It could be eg. a WordPress blogging platform with a lot of plug-ins. The plug-ins provides more functions and possibilities for you site.

These possibilities is mainly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) functions. These features help for you to run your blog in the SERP. The first problem with this formula: you have to know which is the most prosper plug-in. And there are tons of it.

The other main part, which is extremely important for running a blog is a social network connection. Of course there are thousands of plug-ins which can make it for you. But which is the best, it’s hard to choose. As you see we could have a complete system, but you have to know well the parts.

In some days (middle of 2013 September) will realize a brand new system method calls ENV2 (Empower Network Viral 2). This new platform basically merge those functions and features, which is need a really good blog system. ENV2 merge the preferences of blog and a social network.

Big Idea MasterMind TODAY!

It could cause like made Facebook in some years ago. It could change everything in the blogging industry and in general in the internet. Like made Big Idea Mastermind: $710,000 in 28 days. It’s not a typical result. But it could learn. Join here.

ENV2 is made by Empower Network, which is a quiet new company in internet industry, but in this short period they have become top quality knowledge about making money on internet. This top quality knowledge is implemented into ENV2, which provides the result: the platform will run in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

The system is available in some days (2013 September), but there is a pre-lunch period: click here to get it. (The link will be active after the date of pre-lunch.) There is no doubt, this could be the new Facebook method, but concentrate to making money through internet.

Get here the ENV2 system! Get it – use it – make money with it!

In some weeks ago was a short preview about ENV2. Then realised: in other aspect we can say we live the history, and we are part of history of internet. No other system could know in the history, what the ENV2 will know. The Idea is perfect: put together a blog and a social network platform.

Big Idea Mastermind: “Income from stupid blog posts”?

Big Idea Mastermind Blog Post“Income from stupid blog posts”? With Big Idea Mastermind I just now heard this question and first I didn’t understand what he didn’t understand. And I started to think about this question. And I realized I HAD THE SAME in the beginning. So let’s talk about this question.

Make blog posts and you will have income. How does it work? How will income arouse for me from blog posts? How do I get income if I make posts every day?

Let’s go back to the basics to understand that. In every business you need customers/partners who buy/rent/watch, etc. your products/services. This happens in online business, too. How will you have customers/partners? The customers are from simple visitors who search your website or blog or who only read your posts. The blog is the most powerful online surface with fresh content. So this is why we make a blog.

How can you keep your blog fresh? Make (says: post) every day a short post onto your blog. It’s easy and comfortable because you can make it from everywhere. Write about you main knowledge, about your daily life, etc. The posts will be read by visitors and they become your customers.

This is the most simple method to make free online traffi, and reach customers. Keep in mind that your blog needs time to become Google ranked, and it takes time till visitors find you. Of course we have some great tools which help us to make better blog posts. These tools are very-very simple, but more powerful. The blog system is already developed so you do not need to install or set up anything. It’s easy, but one of the most powerful systems nowadays are in the internet. So the blog system is already for you, you only need to join and start to post.

Big Idea Mastermind Basics | Tips | Tricks | For FREE

Many times the topic of email promoting isn’t fascinating enough for individuals to concentrate on them. But, by great investments the time necessary to realize a radical understanding of its potential advantages, you’ll see what email promoting may do for you.

Market to your readers. Once you have got many readers, consider ways to encourage them to sign their friends up. Continuously embody a subscribe link in your emails; hopefully individuals can pass it on to their friends. UN agency might need associate degree interest in what you have got to supply. You’ll use this technique to make your list grow organically.

Each email ought to solely contain one topic. You do not wish your shoppers to be flooded or bored by the content in your email. Specialize in one message at intervals of your emails and write a brief copy that entices your client to click through to browse additionally. This may attract additional readers which can translate to additional customers. individuals like things to be easy.

Make sure you embody restricted promotions and special offers in your newsletters; this may keep your customers interested and continuously on the lookout for future emails. These styles of emails can offer your customers real price and encourage them to inform their friends concerning your company. a decent referral program will increase your variety of shoppers.

Want more? Sign up now!
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Big Idea Mastermind Diamond Course – looking back in pictures

Big Idea Mastermind - together

Big Idea Mastermind – Greeting from the Secret Island

Big Idea Mastermind - Greeting from the Secret Island

Big Idea Mastermind – Greeting from the Secret Island with Julius

Big Idea Mastermind - Greeting from the Secret Island

Big Idea Mastermind – Greeting from the Secret Island with Vick

Big Idea Mastermind - Greeting from the Secret Island

Big Idea Mastermind – Greeting from the Secret Island playing beach volley

Big Idea Mastermind - Greeting from the Secret Island

Big Idea Mastermind – Greeting from the Secret Island playing beach volley – everybody was there

Big Idea MasterMind SILVER Level and Empower Network Inner Circle Level – Review

Big Idea MasterMind SILVER level

Big Idea MasterMind SILVER level

Let’s continue the review of Big Idea Mastermind Silver Level and Empower Network Inner Circle Level. The 2 system is build on each other, as Big Idea Mastermind Silver Level upon Empower Network Inner Circle Level.

As you see below there is a strong parallel between 2 systems. The basic, like in Level1,  is Empower Network Inner Circle Level. Which gives weekly audio trainings. It is broadcasted every Monday by those success professionals, whom are already success. Of course the trainings are recorded, so you can listen to whenever you want. The records have really high quality contents, so you can learn a lot.

Let’s see a figure about levels:

Figure about  Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network levels. 
1Fast StartBasic
2Inner CircleSilver
3Costa Rica IntensiveGold
4$15K FormulaPlatinum
5Masters CourseDiamond


Big Idea MasterMind SILVER Level vs.  Empower Network Inner Circle Level

Big Idea MasterMind SILVER Level gives a lot, and there are more different themes.

Figure about Big Idea Mastermind Silver Level and Empower Network Inner Circle Level.
Inner Circle
Silver Level products
1Weekly Audio trainings
– from success professionals
– recorded high quality contents
SUCCESS Coaching
– Big Idea Mastermind Automated Marketing System
– BIM Internet Marketing Mastery
– BIM Weekly Training Webinars – only for SILVERS
– BIM Paid Traffic Mastery 1 (getting low cost traffic NOW)
– BIM Free Traffic Mastery (getting 100% free traffic NOW)
– 24/7 Access To All BIM Weekly Webinar Recordings

Big Idea MasterMind SILVER Level contains the Big Idea MasterMind BASIC Level and 6 new themes/formulas:  Big Idea Mastermind Automated Marketing System, BIM Internet Marketing Mastery, BIM Weekly Training Webinars, BIM Paid Traffic Mastery 1 (getting low cost traffic NOW), BIM Free Traffic Mastery (getting 100% free traffic NOW), 24/7 Access To All BIM Weekly Webinar Recordings.

Do you want to join to Big Idea MasterMind? Make now! Click here!

In Big Idea MasterMind is the main focus is traffic generating. So the Traffic Mastery trainings help to make traffic onto your blog, website, sales pages, landing pages. Of course we need to learn marketing, so this is  Big Idea Mastermind Internet Marketing Mastery. You get an Automated Marketing System which is really professional. It contains sales videos, and tips and tricks how make promotions in different platform (online, and offline).